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In the final Part, he offers a new account of causation, which is shown to be not only vicarious but also asymmetrical and buffered. Instead of the occasional Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things. Part One The Carnal Phenomenologists. Part Two Setting the Table.

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Part Three Quadruple Philosophy. Soul Guide On Planet Earth. This book is an amazing resource for anyone interested on the subject of the human soul. Let your soul be your compass and you will never get lost. A novel set in a neoliberal dystopia. Review Harman takes a Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I am a Deleuze-Guattari reader. What I like in D. At first I thought that Harman's object would do away totally with becoming, multiplicity and relations, but it really doesn't, since it accounts for those aspects, though roughly, in other, moderate, ways. It also allows for perspective.

Guerrilla Metaphysics: Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things

And we get to keep the object. So my feeling is that Harman sort of grounds my D. Without the objet, Amerindian ontologies implied in old and new myths, would make no sense. I've read this book twice. At first I was quite excited by the ideas and the approach Harman was taking. Now I'm less so. Anyone who is really excited about metaphysics and speculative philosophy should read this. What I do not like: Ultimately, one gets the feeling that this book is a bit worthless and something akin to fiction rather than genuinely "philosophical" material.

The whole thing is a bit Harman often makes these grand claims about beginning a new wave of ultra-spectulative ultra-realist metaphysics semi-reminiscent of a more entertianing and more easily readible version of Husserl's repetitive proclaiming: Perhaps this work should be viewed as preliminary.

Still, if you don't mind this caveat, his work is rewarding.

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What still makes Harman's work worthwhile: You're 'lured' in by seemingly commonsensicle propositions which lead one to wild conclusions. This leaves you scratching your chin a bit, wondering how you were lead down such a path, and where the imperceptible twist occured where things went from everyday to strange so quickly. Its like "eye candy" for the reader's imagination at times. This makes it impossible for the reader to be unsure about what has been said thus far at any stage in the development of his argument.

But, simultanously, this can make the book a bit monotonous at times.

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While it seems to me that Harman's principles for how objects act upon other objects are largely based upon linguistic devices i. Well, thats about all I can think of for now. Since most philosophical writing of high caliber usually comes in the obtuse-to-American-ears stylings of continental French and German academia, Graham Harman's book makes for a brilliant gem of thought to American readers interested in high caliber philosophy.

Along the lines of Alphonso Lingis, this book flies the flag of a refreshing and inventive turn away from the long obsession with liguistic subjectivity in philosophy departments, demonstrating a movement toward phenomenological reacquaintence with things themselves. This is exciting, intense, relevant philosophy. It is easy to mistake Graham Harman with an unorthodox Heideggerian, but in this work he develops a philosophy which is, at its core, genuinely independent of Heidegger.

Guerilla Metaphysics begins with the objection that both analytical and continental traditions are not interested in objects, but in human access to them.

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  • Harman proposes a philosophy which does not aim to reconcile the analytical with the continental, but instead is determined to free metaphysics from its anthropocentric residues and reclaim it on behalf of a direct contact with all nonhuman entities. This is the main objective of Harman's object-oriented philosophy which is comprehensively laid out and pursued step by step.

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    As a "carnal phenomenologist" and a "guerilla carpenter" Harman writes a book that resembles a novel imagined by Alain Robbe-Grillet, but written by William James. Following his renowned teacher Alphonso Lingis, Harman develops a cheerful style which is preoccupied with all sorts of earthly objects such as pollens, bicycles, chess boards, pebbles, puppies, and beads in the most alluring way.