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Decades after their invention, computers look roughly the same.

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The machine sits on idle waiting for your orders. Rose believes that we really want magical objects straight out of the Harry Potter universe: The Ambient umbrella communicates with its owner through a series of patterned blue lights that indicate if the forecast calls for rain. Armed with your ZIP code, a wireless receiver at the handle of the umbrella connects to AccuWeather and then glows and pulses a gentle blue light if the weather looks frightful. Two-hundred square feet seems impossibly small, even by New York standards — but a new MIT-designed micro-apartment called CityHome that can transform a by space into an exercise area, lounge, study, kitchen, and sleeping area, hopes to change all that.

The apartment is controlled by wall-mounted devices that resemble a clock. Just pick a time of day and the room morphs into the space you want. The bed lifts away into the ceiling, the floor space clears, and a full-wall, live video projection of a yoga studio starts.

If he has friends coming over, the space clears out for chairs and a cocktail table. At night, the bed emerges. Though not currently on the market, CityHome is currently seeking funding and hopes to enter the market soon, according to its website. The Amazon Trash can has a tiny camera and a bar code scanner that records everything you throw away — from household cleaning supplies to milk cartons — and sends the information to Amazon.

No more grocery lists. A second prototype that is being developed comments on your eating habits and grocery picks with choice statements like: Inspired by long-distance relationships, it comes with two linked frames. When one person is near the frame, the background light of the corresponding frame glows.

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When one user touches the frame, it lights up in the area where the other user touched it. The color shifts in response to how hard and how long you grip the frame. The Like-A-Hug jacket is not for sale — but Rose envisions other examples of this haptic, or touch-based, technology might one day be: The Copenhagen Wheel, announced at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change and initially developed in an MIT lab as a research project, contains a motor that transforms a normal bike into a hybrid electric vehicle. The device consists of a motor and battery pack that snaps onto the back of the bike.

As you pedal, the wheel captures excess energy when going downhill or braking and then helps propel you up steeper inclines or harder terrains.

How Frozen and Tangled Reveal the Secret to Reinventing Ourselves

In the mood to use up more calories? Using your smartphone, you can also vary the level of powered assist. Questions raced through my head:. And, finally, the questions subsided and an answer emerged — like a still, quiet voice coming from the center of me: And, Kelly, you are enough, just the way you are.

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A voice of grace, reassuring me: I needed to un invent myself. I needed to come down from my tower, take down all of my protection and pretending, and just be who I have always been. The one thing always within our power to change is our own self-rejection.

And the one thing we always have the opportunity to accept is ourselves. Before we ask how to re invent ourselves, perhaps we should ask, how do we un invent ourselves?

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

How do we let go of all the shame and self-rejection? How do we climb down from our tower and unlock our doors, to become the people we have always been — the people we were before other, smaller identities were created for us? You can read more from Kelly at his blog, UnTangled , where he writes regularly. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest.

5 Crazy Inventions That Made Millions Of Dollars From Amazon

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