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I would have enjoyed it more if it had simply stuck to what it initially offered itself as: Instead, nearing the end, Schreiber went off on a mostly-unexplained tangent wherein the murdering psychopath turns out to be not human.


Three and a half stars for the 80 percent of the story that was entertaining, before it went off the rails. To put it simply: It was so fantastic, I managed to get through it in about three days. It was tense, weird, horrific and rewarded you for putting in the time. It honestly reminded me of something H. Lovecraft would write, if he were a modern writer. I'd recommend anyone who is a fan of horror buy this book. It definitely made me an even bigger Joe Schreiber fan. Non stop thrill ride from beginning to end. Gave as a gift. She said it was just okay. Eat the Dark quickly moves you through a night of murder and fear with disturbing imagery I'll never look at Thomas the Tank Engine the same that stays with you long after you've closed the book.

It's manageable length is perfect for someone who loves a great story, but doesn't have as much time to read as they'd like. This is a story that does not disappoint. Feedback Als je hulp nodig hebt of een vraag hebt voor de klantenservice, neem dan contact met ons op. Wil je de slechte kwaliteit of opmaak van dit boek doorgeven? Klik hier Wil je deze content als ongepast rapporteren? Klik hier Denk je dat dit item auteursrechten schendt?

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Je onlangs bekeken items en aanbevelingen. His discipline Gu Yunjue i dont know if I got it right was the only one close to him and he was the one that reversed time for them to go back together. He had a bad childhood. His mother would abuse him and his father that did not care about them had ten sons and threw him to the sect.

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His mother killed by his father. He only cared of his master Mu Chen even to the end when he betrayed the sect and became the Demon King.

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He still came back to Mu Chen who was on the brink of death caused by the sect and he tried to save him. I wish for more updates to come in the future! Other reviews by this user.

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I also got this tingling laughter when I realized that Mu Chen didn't even know that his little disciple was already black and that Gu Yunjue was only cute to him. I recommend this novel so much.. Come on, Read it. Go ahead, no need to be shy Please I'm a desperate reader here!! I love the plot and the story itself is intriguing and fun! Hehehe a black belly disciple who deceives his master so that he alone could have all of his shizun's affection. I think that it's one of the best yaoi that I've read so far!

The thing that I love so much is that the master which should be the uke is not the clumsy and adorable type but rather the "I am cold but with a warm heart" type. And he could also fight and defend himself. Please continue translating this work.

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Read this in Chinese a while back and I am so glad someone decided to translate this is English. A really heart warming yet cute story about the disciple and master.

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Disciple is a little devil and the master is a little slow-cute. Interactions between them are fun to read. Pace is a little slow, but not too bad. Oh so delicious exciting! I cannot wait til our young and aggressive seme, Gu Yunjue, pushes down our lovely and innocent uke, Mu Chen!

It's so titillating how possessive our reborn Gu Yunjue is with his master. I am so looking forward to the updates. There aren't enough chapters for me to write a full review, so I'll update this again later on. It may be a while since the translator changed and they're starting the translation over again from scratch. Alchemist Mu Chen's disciple became a devil and the enemy of the world. Mu Chen is blamed for teaching him poorly and killed, only to see his estranged disciple sacrificing himself in an attempt to save his life He takes in his Little does he know that his disciple has brought back memories of the future as well.

So far, this series hasn't had a very strong start -- not bad, but nothing that really captures your attention. The writing style could be more exciting. It's like there's supposed to be some sort of emotion, but I'm just not picking up on it. I was also hoping that the tone of the series would either be light-hearted and comedic, or very emotional, but it doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind and it's sort of in the bland middle.

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I am hesitant to judge the personalities of the main characters. The main character, Mu Chen, is cold and tactless despite his decades of experience. I think he's supposed to be "lovably dense, " but so far I'm baffled by how he isn't more subtle with his attempts to change the future. His disciple is just yandere and that's it. For now, 3 stars. I'll review this again when more chapters are released. Mu Chen is way to adorable, even as a cold person with power to back up his position, since the perspectives change from him to his disciple, you can tell he is such a dear and kind man!

Just to see more of our dear uke master, this is super worth it! The translation is good, few errors, nice to read and will make you to never want to stop. Loving it so far. I am weak to very possessive and obsessive ML. MC has a very adorable and likeable personality, he's reliable and strong too. And ML such a badass haha. Leave a Review Guidelines. You must be logged in to rate and post a review. Register an account to get started. October 20, Status: Palanca rated it Other reviews by this user.