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While opening cut "Too Deep" feels a little truncated at two minutes and a half, it makes it clear who Sean's lineage is. It's a giddy and infectious track. From there, the album heads into Tame Impala territory with the title track, which is rollicking and rocking in equal measure. And while much has been made of "Poor Paul Getty" being the spiritual antecedent of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", with its references to cut-off ears, which might be the record's sole nod to John Lennon's songwriting partner.

And the album ends on the nearly seven-minute long extended epic "Moth to a Flame", which seems like the perfect goodbye to this near-masterpiece, lodging itself deep inside your skull. When all is said and done, Midnight Sun is a near perfect album. It remains wholly consistent, and evokes a certain time and era of music that doesn't often get heard very much anymore. It also offers an opportunity to wonder about where John Lennon's musical linage might have gone, had he lived. There is much staggering stuff to be heard on this album, and it forms a statement of artistic intent that should bode well with future releases from the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.

This is an authentic throwback to sounds of a particular era uprooted and made special in the most modern day and age of music. This is heavy, moving stuff, and does a great deal to cement Sean Lennon's legacy as a musician, let alone being the son of a Beatle. There is much that is interesting about the record, from its loopy production techniques to its actual songwriting. This is a record that gets more and more enjoyable on repeated replays, and showcases a certain love for a particular form of musical artifact.

If John Lennon were alive to appreciate this work of mastery, I am certain that he would more than heartily approve. Midnight Sun is a monumental gem of an album, and I cannot more heartily give a thumbs-up to this retro-infused throwback of the late '60s and the summer of love, and it is more than apparent that a lot of craft went into this work of belaboring.

This is something that more than deserves to be heard, and I commend both Sean and his girlfriend for making what is, more apparently, a work of pop songcraft that straddles the line so effortlessly between the past and the present. Midnight Sun is a true jewel, and worthy of the linage of one member's predecessor. Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk is a thought-provoking tale of both love and injustice, and in working with Moonlight composer Nicholas Brittell, the two find compelling musical motifs from unexpected places.

Short Stories columnist Jenny Bhatt presents the finest of this year's short stories collections from a wide range of authors that have no fear of pushing the boundaries. Lost in Time Book: Survival becomes paramount in a. Lost In Time - Amazon. Time After Time on piano by Cyndi Lauper. Some call him a legend. These also allow him to stalk and move quietly as depicted in both movies and comics throughout his appearances, most human and mutant enemies can not react to his leap before being hit.

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Sabretooth's physical appearance is described with animal-like mutations, including sharper-than-normal teeth with two pronounced canines and retractable claws [85] where ordinary humans have fingernails and toenails. He also was portrayed to have thick, bushy eyebrows, which gave him an animal like appearance as well. He is also an expert at hunting and tracking, even without the use of his heightened senses. Sabretooth also developed a high resistance to telepathic probing and manipulation, after an incident where his brain was skewered.

This is demonstrated by his ability to avoid capture and escape the highest levels of incarceration without assistance. He is also highly skilled at psychological manipulation. In an alternate universe in Marvel Comics depicted in the " Age of Apocalypse " storyline there is a vastly different version of Sabretooth. This version of the character has the same origin as the one in the normal continuity, but has a different moral alignment. He is actually one of the X-Men and a role model for other mutants in this alternate reality.

This Sabretooth was initially a villain, having been recruited by Apocalypse, but he was cast out as a traitor when he expressed moral reservations about using nuclear weapons to wipe out the world's human population. Apocalypse intended to kill Sabretooth alongside the X-Men, but was thwarted by Magneto. Instead of becoming a feral killer, like Holocaust intended, Sabretooth defeated Wild Child and became his master and protector.

Together, the two escaped and joined the X-Men afterward. In the Exiles comics, he spent decades in an alternate dimension raising mutant children, attempting to teach them ethics and tolerance, without incident. Also, this version of Sabretooth's biological son was theorized to be Nightcrawler , evidenced by the statement of Mystique that she had gone to the trouble of "finding a father with fur" when Nightcrawler complains he is cold and, when the Shadow King possesses Mystique, the captions reveal "one memory is more interesting then the others" and flashes to Sabretooth taunting Nightcrawler.

When the "Age of Apocalypse" timeline was apparently destroyed, Sabretooth became the leader of the extra-dimensional band of characters who slide into alternate realities, known as Weapon X. For a time he was also the leader of their counterpart team, the Exiles, and remains with the team to this day. This version of Sabretooth originally had no adamantium in his skeleton though it was later revealed that his skeleton had become laced with adamantium like Wolverine , but was still superhumanly strong and possessed a regenerative healing factor. When Sabretooth decided to leave Weapon X, he stayed behind in a dimension to ensure that that reality's version of David Richards, the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers , would not be corrupted by his virtually omnipotent powers.

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However, the boy turned evil anyway, despite Sabretooth's best efforts at raising him right. When he was recruited by the Timebroker into the Exiles, Blink's personality became incredibly docile and subservient to Creed. Sabretooth gladly took the leadership role from Blink, a fact that Mimic clashed with him over multiple times. He continued to assist the Exiles in the race to catch Proteus. He survived being teleported into outer space by Blink albeit by accident.

After Proteus' defeat, Sabretooth stayed with the team to help fix the multiverse. Later, when the Exiles needed to defeat the Silver Surfer , this version temporarily becomes a Herald of Galactus. He uses the powers he gained to maul the Silver Surfer, then after he no longer needed it he returned the Power Cosmic to Galactus. At Sabretooth's request, Heather unhinges Psylocke from Earth to join the Exiles in Power Princess ' place as she might be their only chance if Proteus ever resurfaces.

However, upon arrival, she clashes with Sabretooth, thinking him to be the Earth Sabretooth that nearly killed her twice. They fight for a while, but eventually Psylocke catches on to the fact that Sabretooth is not there for a fight and Morph intervenes and makes an introduction. Surprisingly, Psylocke cannot be detected by any of Panoptichron's cameras. He and the other Exiles save their brainwashed friends after fighting them.

He and Psylocke have been getting closer since their fight. It was later revealed on their first mission of the Exiles with Sabretooth as the new team leader, that his skeleton was now laced with adamantium, though exactly how this happened has yet to be revealed, as he never been previously shown to have had any such enhancements. Apparently Blink and the new team of Exiles had found a way to reverse the process as Sabretooth has since been returned to the Age of Apocalypse, since he and Wild Child are seen following and confronting the X-Force from Earth In an attempt to recreate the Decimation with clones of the Scarlet Witch , [] both Jean and Sabretooth end up powerless.

They go on the run with the X-Terminated, [] and Sabretooth was injured a while later fighting Weapon Omega while saving Jean. During the X-Termination crossover, AoA Nightcrawler's trip home resulted in the release of three evil beings that destroy anyone they touch. In another alternate reality, Earth X , Sabretooth was a member of a Hominid race of half-men, half-beast creatures known as the Bear Clan along with the Wendigo spirit , who were staunch opponents of the Moon Clan, of which Wolverine was a member along with Wild Child, Sasquatch, and Beast.

He was dispatched to assassinate Graydon Creed. After a short fight, Black Panther decapitates Sabretooth with a vibranium sword, then returns the head to Magneto. It is unknown as to whether or not the head was reunited with the body at a later stage, but this seems unlikely due to later events. In the Wolverine Noir series, this version of Sabretooth is only known by his name, Victor Creed, who owns a hotel named "The Puritan" as well as a boxing club called "Victory Boxing" in the southeast of the Bowery , which was used to get kids off the street. Logan's partner, Dog, mentioned Creed in the Puritan after he disappeared.

Logan, expected by Victor, goes to the boxing club and the two fight; Victor beats him and has his body thrown into the alley, where Yuriko 's body was also lying.

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Rose reveals that she had Victor bring Logan and Dog here so that she could get revenge on them. Dog is run over by a train during this conversation and Rose shoots Mariko in the head so she could not betray them to help Logan, which makes Logan kill her and her thugs. Victor runs off during the fight, wishing Rose "good luck in hell". Sabretooth, as a zombie , is one of a group of zombie villains who team together to try to devour the visiting Galactus.

They manage to hurt the cosmic being, but are thrown off their goal by zombie "heroes", Wolverine being one of them. In the course of the battle, Wolverine decapitates Sabretooth. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe , Sabretooth is a mutant soldier and commando for Weapon X, under the direction of a man by the name of Colonel Wraith , who referred to him as "a poor man's Wolverine". He appears to be the only mutant who enlisted in the program by choice, due to his high-ranking position and his high authority in the operations.

He is practically the same as the Earth version of Sabretooth, having accelerated healing and keen senses, with the exception that he has four adamantium claws surgically implanted in each arm in an attempt to one-up Wolverine after having many failures in the service of Weapon X. One of the adamantium claws implanted in his left forearm is broken.

He has a burning hatred for Wolverine and also, as he stated in his encounter with him at Weapon X, for the primitive Homo sapiens. He feels that his cruel, psychopathic nature was merely a natural part of being a mutant. When Magneto attempted to destroy the world so that he could eradicate humans, Sabretooth asked him to kill as few animals as possible. He cruelly boasts of murdering Wolverine's wife and child, and then commenced battle with him outside the Weapon X compound. He initially had the upper hand, but Wolverine managed to score a critical hit, a stab to Sabretooth's groin, before driving him off the edge of a cliff.

Sabretooth did not die from his encounter with Wolverine, but rather returned as a high-ranking follower to Magneto in the Brotherhood of Mutants. His encounter with Wolverine while with the Brotherhood was his final underestimation of his old enemy. After boasting that he can survive any wound or injury, and would always return to fight and haunt Wolverine, Wolverine gives a vicious retort: Sabretooth was long thought dead until he resurfaces one night when Wolverine and Storm were leaving Nowhere Special a pool hall.

He is alive and well sporting a new scar around his neck, apparently from the decapitation he received from Wolverine when they last met. Sabretooth explains that his head had remained partially attached to his body via strands of tissue and blood vessels, which allowed him to survive in a comatose state while his body regenerated. He also made one startling revelation: Wolverine is his biological father.

Sabretooth then attempts to obtain a tissue sample so that Dr. Cornelius can clone a new Wolverine.

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During the beginning of the "Aftermath" arc, Sabretooth tells Wolverine that he is Wolverine's son. Sabretooth made a one-panel cameo in the "Magical" arc, standing outside the Xavier Institute while hiding behind a tree, with a look of sorrow on his face. In Ultimates 3 [] and Ultimatum , Sabretooth is shown to use his claws as weapons like the main Marvel Universe version of Sabretooth instead of his four adamantium claws. No canon explanation has been given for this change. In Ultimatum 4, he kills Angel , before being shot in the eye by Hawkeye.

They are later seen as part of Quicksilver 's new Brotherhood in Wundagore. In, X-Men Forever , Chris Claremont's continuation of his run on X-Men non-canonical to the mainstream timeline and taking place in the Marvel Universe , Sabretooth is established as Wolverine's father. The two Sabretooths do battle on one occasion. In the Age of X reality, it was revealed that Sabretooth has been captured by the Sapiens League and paraded down the streets as a dangerous mutant as shown in Tempo's memory.

In the series Wolverine MAX , Logan is shown to be living in Japan as a monk when he first meets a blond, older man calling himself "Victor". Victor tells Logan that he is "just like him". When Logan refuses to accept Victor's claim as truth, Victor responds by saying "Okay then, I'll just have to prove it", before hurling the former into a nearby tree, proving his superhuman strength. Sabretooth appeared in in the syndicated comic strip The Amazing Spider-Man.

He pursues Spider-Man to Florida where he causes havoc. His rampage is brought to an end when Wolverine interrupts him and the two battle to a stalemate, at one point knocking one another out. Upon recovering, both brothers decide to call time on their conflict, at least for now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sabretooth Sabretooth on the promotional art of Sabretooth: Death Hunt mini-series.

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