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Ratings and Reviews 0 4 star ratings 0 reviews. I just wanted more of a story. I really did like the characters a lot, especially Sebastian in the second book. A Road To Forgiveness is a step-up from the first book in the series. Justine Elvira is a fantastic writer I look forward to reading more of her work in the future, hopefully with a little more depth. Book provided by the author in return for an honest review.

I officially love Johnathon. Mia was such a silly woman, I mean jeeeeeez, there's a hot sexy billionaire who's in love with you chasing you half way across the country and yet there you stand, not wanting to see him?! Im super glad they got their HEA and finally stopped their ridiculousness, I preferred the first book - but the again, I am a complete drama bitch so that shouldn't be a surprise.

Well written, good plot and a h I officially love Johnathon. Well written, good plot and a hot sexy male lead, what more could you ask for? This is the second book in a series! Please read The Road to Price first! One word to describe this book: From the prologue to the epilogue, it is absolutely amazing!

Sebastian and Mia have to be one of my favorite book couples! In this book, there were times I was crying because Justine did such a wonderful job at illustrating the pain that Mia went through, like spending her first Christmas after the loss of her son or the guilt she feels about moving on with her life without her son.

This book definitely put a big smile on my face for so many different reasons. Can he get any hotter in this book? He is handsome, protective, an amazing care-taker, thoughtful…everything you want in a man. He is dedicated to the woman he loves and he will do anything to keep her in his life. I say he is another amazing book boyfriend…you can never have too many of them right? I will be a fan for life! Bottom line — Read this book if… …you read The Road to Price.

The Open Road

I am happy to have the privilege of meeting Justine and traveling "the road" with her on this literary journey. Road to Forgiveness was amazing and displayed the trials and regrets when losing a child. I am happy Sebastian was a persistent man who didn't understand " NO" and willing to "compromise". This book burnt up the sheets and provided closure and the depths people went to make their love ones safe. The Road To Forgiveness picks up just a couple weeks after the first book left us and Sebastian has been in Georgia looking for Mia after she just up and fled Miami without a word to him.

There is no doubt that Sebastian loves Mia and is willing to do anything it takes to get her back. He has made tremendous changes in his life since he has met her and since she has left he has been making arrangements to close the final chapter of that life by divorcing his wife Darcy.

But when Sebastian finally finds Mia living in the next town over with her gay BFF Jonathon, and when the truth is revealed to him that Mia fled Miami because she is pregnant with his baby, guilt ridden and completely terrified, he becomes more determined than ever to make things right with her and get them all back to Miami as a family. His blue eyes aren't as bright as usual and he looks like he's lost a good twenty pounds.

See a Problem?

Even with all the physical changes, he still looks as breathtaking as ever. I'm only in his presence for a few seconds and I'm already mesmerized by him. When the bomb was dropped about why Mia left I expected him to honestly go off the rocker, especially in the way that he found out- but surprisingly he didn't. I can't wait to show you how great at compromising I am. I always get my way in the end in case you didn't notice My way is having you, in my bed, a ring on your finger and our baby in the next room. So you better start focusing on that because in the end that is our future" Mia my heart broke for her in TRTP, finding out about what happened to her as a teenager and then about the tragic death of her son Miles was terrible.

But I am so so happy that in TRTF we get to see Mia dealing with overcoming everything that plagues her about her past especially her guilt. I really, really loved watching her come full circle, with the help of her therapist, Charlie, and of course Sebastian and finally accept that she is worthy of love and that being happy is never going to be held against her. He wants you and the baby. I find that to be a precious gift and it would break my heart to see you walk away from that" Oh and you want to know about the steam factor in this book? Well it's through the freaking roof!

Justine Elvira can write some wicked hot sex scenes! No really sometimes when you get a book that is lets say 'overly sexed up' I find that the scenes tend to sometimes be repetitive or in other cases overly done but neither was the case when it came to this book. Sebastian and Mia are simply sizzling, and can't keep their hands There are times that you will be laughing uncontrollably probably at something Jonathon said or did but your heart strings will most definitely be pulled when it comes to Mia. I also feel like it's important to mention there are a couple of typos that I noticed, it wasn't anything overly drastic but I feel like it's important to put out there because for some that's a pet-peeve and I would hate for someone to pick this book up and and not give it the chance it deserves because they catch a few errors.

You will laugh, cry, fall head over heels in love with swoon-worthy-dirty-talking Sebastian and you will get a super sweet Happily Ever After what more could you ask for! Grab your copy today! I've watched you grow so much as a person and I've loved seeing you become the woman you are today. After Mia fled Miami, Sebastian tore after her and had been searching anywhere he could think of to reunite with the woman he loved.

When he finally found her one town over living with an old friend, Sebastian was determined to do everything in his power to get her back. Especially when the bomb was dropped that she's carrying his child. Her crazy idea was to hide away and then give Sebastian the baby once it arrived, but thankfully he put an end to that insanity!! He was the ultimate gentleman well, outside of the bedroom, where he was a sexy beast!

This was a really sweet, sexy wrap-up to Mia and Sebastian's story, and I was so happy that they were able to find their way back to each other despite the odds! I lean down and kiss him hard on the lips. I need this escape. I need the distraction from reality. Sebastian is the only thing that will give me the distraction I need. He can't find her but isn't giving up. He ends up being there for over 3 weeks until he actually finds her and can talk to her after she left him in Miami with no words as to why.

They talk things out and you find out why Mia leaves in the first place. Sebastian basically tells her how it is going to be his "compromise" and they begin to figure out how they are going to move forward together. They end up staying for a while and you get to meet some of Mia's family and friends. You watch as Mia begins to heal from her past and how her family especially Charlie her mothers boyfriend heals along with her.

A little side note: What a great character!! If you had any doubts about Sebastian's love for Mia in the Book 1 of this series you will not feel that way after reading this book. Sebastian is a changed man and the only thing he wants in the world is Mia.

You really feel that in this book. Mia also has some big changes in Book 2. She finally begins to heal after everything life has thrown at her and gets to move on and be happy with Sebastian. It was great to be able to see this. The Epilogue was the icing on the cake for me!!

I am really glad I got to read the journey of these two characters. It was a great series! I recommend it to anyone who likes a good romance book with a couple twists. So if you haven't read road to price you should not read this.

Smashwords – The Road To Forgiveness – a book by Justine Elvira

There will probably be spoilers. When this book starts you know when she ran. You don't agree with her thought process, fear is controlling her, but you understand it. Hell how she's still a fully functioning adult after 6 months I will never understand. Sebastian is in town and wants his girl back. He makes no qualms about proving it and yelling everyone. And when she ends up in the hospital and her secret is revealed to So if you haven't read road to price you should not read this. And when she ends up in the hospital and her secret is revealed to everyone, oops, his claim on her becomes even stronger.

Of course this makes her feel like she needs to push him away and makes me feel like I should slap her upside her head. Not only does Sebastian win her over, he has to win over Jonathan, mom and Charlie. And he does, flying colors. Who wouldn't be impressed. There is plenty of jaw dropping omg that was hot sex, but also a lot of mouth wide open swooning at him.

I love that in this book, we get to see her grow and start thinking healthy and healing her heart and soul. I liked the book too Jul 18, Melissa Marlow rated it it was amazing. She makes her way home where she moves in with her best friend. He is also heart broke of his partner moving away for a job.

What would he do if he cannot find her because life is not worth living after experiencing life with her in it. When they meet dose the world around them imploded? This is the conclusion of Mia and Sebastian's story. When Mia discovered she was pregnant she panicked and ran back home, not even telling him she was pregnant.

Can Sebastian find her and convince her to come home so they can raise their child together or will Mia continue to keep running. I can't even imagine the hurt of losing a child. I can't imagine the mind set of the reasoning of not wanting to raise your child for fear that you couldn't handle it if something happened to this child. Eithe This is the conclusion of Mia and Sebastian's story. Either way you lose the child.

I was happy with the way this book ended. This book was definitely smoking HOT! These two are like rabbits! LOL I loved Sebastian in this book, he was so sweet, loving and attentive. It was awesome the way he tried to help Mia deal with her grief over losing Miles. It's good to know Sebastian is still all for his woman, "hi I've been so worried about you and all you can say is hi.

Where the hell have you been? I talked to your mom, pretty much everyone in your town, and no one knew where you were or if they did, they weren't telling me. And now I see you have been in the next town over this whole time. While you are taking th It's good to know Sebastian is still all for his woman, "hi While you are taking this last night to yourself, just remember how much I love you.

I know it's a girl. We have the yacht for the night, the staff is already on board, let's go. I love Sebastian Price and how much he loved Mia and wanted her to be able to heal and love herself again and to allow him to love her like she deserved. He was pure sex on a stick He and Mia were insatiable when they came together I cried several times while reading this book.

Apr 20, Maree Repa rated it it was amazing.

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I was just so excited to read this second book from the Price series. There first book was such an amazing book. I just couldn't wait to to start reading it. Such a moving romance with two of the most beautiful characters. After seeing Mia escaping once again to head back to her home town of Riceboro, Georgia with her mother and all Sebastian wants is to have her back safe at home with him in Miami.

The Road to Forgiveness was such an unbelievable great book. I just so enjoyed this masterpiece. Ju I was just so excited to read this second book from the Price series. Such an amazing journey for these two beautiful people, Mia and Sebastian!! I really enjoyed the first book, but the writing in this book just got better. It was an excellent ending to Sebastian and Mia's story. I am a sucker for the happily ever afters and this was perfect. Some might say it was predictable, but that is what reading is all about.

Getting away from the everyday things of life and just enjoying a great romance novel.

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We already have enough stresses in our daily life why would we want to read something where the characters have so much conflict. Sebastian I really enjoyed the first book, but the writing in this book just got better. Sebastian and Mia's characters do have some conflict but they are resolved in a timely manner which makes this story so good.

I can't wait to see what this writer comes up with next!