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Two months before theirwedding, he had showed her a lightweight paddle which he hadmade. He then warned her that from that day on, if shemisbehaved, she would receive a spanking. At the time, shedidn't believe him, for she was a pretty girl who had beendisciplined very little as a child. In fact, at age 20, she had neverbeen spanked. This was soon to change, for Rick meantbusiness. The following two years were difficult for Tanya, for she wasa spoiled, headstrong girl who had to learn everything the hardway; slowly and painfully, over Rick's knee. She still vividlyrecalled her first spanking.

Tanya and a girlfriend had gone for adrink and lost track of the time. When she arrived home, lateand tipsy, Rick was worried and angry. After scolding herseverely, he ordered her into the bedroom for a spanking. I won't go, " she yelled.

SO SPANK ME! Tales of Blistered Bottoms by Jay Lawrence and E. Edmund DeBarquet

When she refused, he carried herto the bedroom, got the paddle from the closet, and sat down onthe bed. Then, holding her firmly, he pulled her jeans andpanties down to her knees and turned her over his knee. Now then, he asked "Do you understand why you're beingspanked? She replied "Screw you!

Shescreamed and tried to protect her rearend with one hand, butRick immediately pinned it to the small of her back, thencontinued the spanking. She wailed and kicked as the paddlestung her bare bottom, but to no avail. For the first time in herlife, she was really having to pay for actions.

After giving her ten licks in rapid succession, Rick paused. Tanya's bottom and the backs of her thighs were now a hot pinkcolor, and she was on the verge of tears. Do you understand whyyou're getting a spanking? Tanya grimaced as she remembered that first spanking. Slowly and deliberately, Rick had given her twenty more lickson her naked derriere. But now, instead of spanking her entirebackside, he slowed down between licks and concentrated on onespot, the part of her bottom that she sat on.

By the time he wasone-half through, her rear-end was a bright crimson, and she wassobbing uncontrollably.

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It seemed to her that the more shebegged and pleaded, the harder he spanked her. The second part of the spanking took five minutes. When itwas over, her bottom was red, hot, and blistered. Then Rickstood Tanya on her feet and ordered her to apologize for the wayshe had behaved.

Please don'tspank me anymore. Then, with her panties and jeans still down around herknees, she was made to stand with her nose in the corner forthirty minutes..

Tanya sat naked in front of her dressing table and thoughtabout her current predicament. Her choices were limited. Shecould simply not tell her husband about the bill and hope hedidn't discover it, or she could confess and take her licks. Thefirst choice was tempting. On the other hand, if she lied and was discovered, shewould probably get spanked twice - once because of the bill, anda second time for lying. Tanya thought back to her first spanking. She had learnedseveral valuable lessons that day. First, since there was usuallyno escaping punishment, she had found that absolute obediencewas the best tact.

When ordered to the bedroom for punishment,she would say "Yes Sir," and go without another word.


Oncethere, she would get the paddle out, remove her skirt or jeans,pull her panties down, and wait to be disciplined. Second, shetried not to kick or cry out during the spanking, as thisusually resulted in harder licks, and more of them. Finally,although she was disciplined regularly for misbehaving generally, she received a spanking every week or two forinfractions such as lying, nagging, or having tantrums , Tanyahad learned that if she admitted that her punishment wasdeserved, Rick would usually stop short of really blistering her.

Still pondering her fate, Tanya put on a halter top, red bikinipanties, and a pleated miniskirt. Then she went to the closet andexamined the paddle. It was fourinches wide and just long enough to smack both cheeks of herbottom at the same time. She took the paddle down from whereit hung, pretended to give herself a spank, and made a face. She had been spanked the week before for talking back, andshe still could feel the sting of the paddle on her rear.

Herpunishment had consisted of twenty licks on her naked butt theusual , but Rick had spread the licks around on her cheeks, andhalf of them hadn't been too hard. Even so, she had cried whenordered to the corner, and her bottom stung for several hoursafterward. In her mind, Tanya compared the spanking from the weekbefore with the first spanking she had receiveded. She recalledthat after that first spanking, her bottom had felt like it was onfire, and that it had been sore for more than a week afterward.

She knew that this spanking would be much harder than the oneadministered last week, but still, it wouldn't be as bad as theother Tanya knew that she had no choice. Her husband was acareful man who scrutinized the household expenses each month. He would certainly question her as to why the American Expressbill had not been received. At best, she could only delay herpunishment for a few days, but that would also make it worse. Her throat was dry and her hand trembled as she dialed thenumber, but she knew what she had to do. She called his officeand stammered out her confession..

Tanya sat on the sofa in the den and waited. She waspainfully aware that once her miniskirt was raised, the sheerbikini panties would be almost no protection from the board;even if she were allowed to keep them on. She started to changeto thicker cotton panties and jeans, but realized that there was nouse.

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  4. She laughed nervously to herself, "No point in gettingdressed just to get undressed again. Tanya had an appointment withthe paddle! She tried to think of other things, of her new dress, her BMW,her beautiful condo, but her mind always returned to the samething - the paddle in the bedroom and the spanking to come. Shewondered how many licks he would give her; how hard theywould be; would they all be in the same place? I deduced it was Lauren's own hairbrush, which I had picked up before. Man it is formidable and I remember it has a wide wood back face. My thoughts turned to watching Lauren brush her shoulder length red hair to restore its glow.

    Was Lauren having, a glowing encounter of a different kind? Wait a minute their was another dastardly wooden spanking item Lauren had told me about in a fit of rage after being paddled. Later after Lauren's spanking had ended I climbed out the basement window, waited five minutes and actually bounced up the front steps of The Miller's brick house. I had left my book bag in Lauren's room.

    Miller told me I could go upstairs get it and leave, not talking to Lauren who was being punished. After I retrieved my book bag from Lauren's room, which was empty. I left Lauren's room, but ran into her in the hallway and then she was red faced and obviously had been crying. I walked right by her and made eye contact, but did not speak.

    Just as I was getting ready to descend the stairs I heard.

    It was a sight, my eyes almost popped out of my head. Lauren's bottom was shiny, bright red, it actually glowed and each cheek had crops of fiery red blood blisters along with purple rectangular purple bruises across the lower butt cheeks from the wooden paddle. This was testament to the corporal punishment the severity I heard through the air vent.

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    All the pleading, hollering and crying I had heard secretly in the basement, now was embedded with Lauren's spanked red bottom she had just shown me. Lauren's flash of her punished bottom lasted only last a few seconds. I decided I better obey Mrs. Miller she really scared me and descended the steps I heard a wisp as Lauren pulled up her panties and pants over her angry red and purple tinged burning sore bottom. It's a good thing I did because Mrs. Miller had just started up the steps with an Aloe Cream to soothe her daughter's bottom.

    Lauren's Mom knew her oldest daughter had taken quite a bottom licking, but she would be back to normal soon.

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    What happens to a s housewife who neglects to prepare her husband's evening meal on time? Which methods might a modern master employ to keep his weekend slave girl on the straight and narrow during an illicit liaison at a city hotel? An investigative journalist records the Sapphic spankings of a pretty undergraduate as a study in kink.

    These are just three of the stories in So Spank Me! Tales of Blistered Bottoms. So assume the position and explore these divinely striking aspects of sexual power and control.